Fabric & Quantity

Roman Blind Fabrics

Roman blinds can be made in almost any fabric. If you are in doubt about suitability please check your chosen fabric with us

Most natural fibre fabrics work well but synthetics such as voile are not suitable.

Our service is for single width blinds only (ie up to 52 inches / 132 cm wide). Most fabrics are 54 inches / 137 cm wide but some are less so be sure your choice of fabric is wide enough for your blind. Wider blinds can be made so if your requirements are for a wider than standard blind please email us your request and we will prepare a bespoke quote for you.

Fabrics can be patterned or plain. Stripes and symmetric patterns work well.


Once you have measured up and decided on the finished size of your blind you can work out how much you need.

To do this, take the finished drop of your blind and add 8 inches / 20 cm to this figure for seam allowance.

Eg – You measured and your drop is 44 inches / 102 cm. Add 8 inches / 20 cm for seam allowance, therefore total fabric required is 52 inches / 122 cm

If you are having more than one Roman blind and your fabric is patterned then you must allow one pattern repeat per Roman blind in addition to the fabric amount.

Eg – Pattern repeat 2 inches / 4 cm. Quantity increases to 54 inches or 126 cm

Now you need to work out the Costings.